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power to more than 650,000 customers. the storm has brought four deaths in canada. and three marriage airports have delayed and boston's logan remains shut down. drivers slipping and sliding on treacherous roads. >> the weather beat to us the punch. >> and new york's long island expression way, hundreds of cars got stuck with dozens of drivers got stuck on the road. even 18 wheels weren't enough to conquer the conditions. >> nearly three feet of snow falling in some places and it is still coming down. winds up to 83 miles an hour whipping up ocean waters and causing flooding from massachusetts to maine.
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>> if you lose power and we are experiencing a lot of wind at that time, plan for your power to be out for some period of time. >> over 600,000 people waking up without power. >> make sure you have basic food supplies and medications and prepare for the possibility of being shut in and at home for the next 24-or 48 hours. >> many residents say there prepared as they can be. >> for the house, the electrical and now we're getting food. >> armies of snowplows are clearing the roads. >> the roads are so bad, i would actually rather walk than drive. >> here across the state, most of the snow has fallen in manhattan. we have less than foot. but in rhode island and maine they are expecting up to another six inches. new information out of sfo
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at this hour, officials say 20 arriving flights from the east coast have been cancelled. also three flights from that were headed to new york and boston have been cancelled. dozens of flights to other east coast cities are still delayed. oakland is saying flights are not affected so far because they fly to regional hubs. there were 4700 flight cancellations across the country. >> the grapevine is open again this morning after being closed last night due to snow. the link between los angeles and bakersfield completely reopened around 1:30 this morning but at midnight the chp was still escorting drivers. the statewide manhunt for a cop killer who is a former police officer himself. former lapd officer is still on
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the run. david wright is there. >> surveillance cameras captured images of christopher dorner but the trouble is they were taken two weeks ago not far from where monica kwan and her fiance why murdered. the last pictures he was taken of dorner before he disappeared. signs like these armed and dangerous are on every freeway but so far no one has spotted him. near blizzard rd conditions near big bear lake haven't helped. no eye in the sky and the helicopters can't fly. on the ground not much better. >> we're going to continue to search until we discover he left the mountain or we find him. >> authorities are systematically searching every address he has had. >> they gave a search warrant he shared with his mother and
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sister. >> this is residence belonging to his mother and we are searching any evidence to where he might be and connection to the crime. >> big bear is a popular weekend ski resort. snowboarders are back. fresh powder. >> i'm not too scared about it. but it's in the back of my mind. >> i told everybody i'm going to big bear and they said -- oh, my gosh there is a killer on the loose. >> brian plans on keeping his gun handy. >> i keep it safe and unloaded. >> authorities are determined to find dorner in the old western phrase dead or alive. police will be back in force despite the bad weather searching for answers. >> katie: stay with us for continuing coverage of the policeman hunt. we will update you here on any
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new developments. >> bank of america branch in oakland, they say a san jose man 28-year-old man had plotted to blow up the bank with a truck bomb. as reporter sergio quintana reports an undercover operation spoiled the deadly plot. >> reporter: according to federal court documents, he planned to bomb this bank of america in oakland went like clockwork right up until he tried to set off the bomb with a cellphone. that is when the f.b.i. swooped in and arrested him. john burgess you a the early morning action. >> it was about 2:00 in the morning and f.b.i. agents were all around here. >> in reality an undercover agent kept close tabs by posing as a taliban operative. as part of his plan. f.b.i. says he first wanted to bomb the san francisco federal reserve.
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he decided that wasn't good enough and he chose the bank of america site. five gallons would have been the basic pieces. bomb. agents say he also purchased cellphones and other items to be used in on triggering device. the plan was to driver the bomb with the components packed aboard an suv and detonated in a spot to bring the entire bank of america building, a plot b of a casm customers were shocked to hear about. >> wow! >> he tried to make contact with taliban operative shortly after getting out of jail on an illegal firearms charge. he was arrested at his father's san jose home in 2011. according to court documents, he lived in an rv that he parked on the front drive wear. his father would not let him in alone because his son's history of mental health issues. he was arrested when police
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responded to a disturbance and police found he had an ak-47 and high capacity clip. neighbors are surprised by bizarre plot. >> anybody could live to someone so it happens, i guess. it really is scary. >> we made several attempts to contact the father and other family members. unfortunately those attempts have been unsuccessful. sergio quintana, "abc 7 news." we're learning more about matthew. his father says he served in the marine corps before being discharged for an undisclosed reason. while in arizona he became an expert in weapons assembly and started a company. he converted to islam sometime before moving back to the bay area and if convicted he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. >> hundreds of people came together last night to remember a 13-year-old girl who was murdered a week ago.
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this morning, 32-year-old anthony jones is in jail on suspicious of murder, kidnap and rape. jones lived blocks from where the victim was last seen alive. here is more from fairfield. >> reporter: hours after the arrest of janelle conway, more than 300 people gathered a few yards away from where her body was discovered in the park. >> my best friend. >> police arrested 32-year-old anthony lamar jones for murder, kidnapping and rape of a child. >> jones was identified as a suspect early in this case. sings that time he has been under surveillance. >> they scoured his two-story home in the fairfield neighborhood. they also searched the
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barbershop he opened. he was last seen a week ago. she left her foster home for school. her body was found the next day. >> her father says he and janelle's brother had trouble with drugs and lost custody of her last year. despite of the obstacles she kept a smile on her face. >> very loving child. i love her with all my heart. >> i also spoke to accused killer's mother she has been praying for the family only to be devastating that the prime suspect is her son. >> katie: coming up, the widow of former penn state paterno is defending her husband. what she has written.
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and also david louie looks into an intriguing idea to merge the bay area into one giant city state. plus, a young woman who got plusthey don't need one,got
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the widow of joe paterno says he was moral disciplined man that never twisted the truth. she sent a letter to penn university yesterday. tomorrow the paterno family will release a response to the investigation that accused joe paterno of covering up allegations against sandusky. katie couric will have an interview with sue paterno. it airs on katie only on abc7. this morning, a florida teenager is on out of jail after being a tearful apology to a judge that she insulted.
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>> adios. [ bleep ]. >> come back again. >> yes, she made an extreme gesture and her antics on monday went viral and resulted in the judge dublg her $5,000 bail and drug possession charge and giving her 30 days in jail. yesterday the woman was back in court and much more humble in front of the same judge. >> my behavior was very irrational and i apologize not only to the court and you but to my family. >> the judge dropped the contempt charge and released her from jail and she will complete a drug ordered drug rehab program. >> the temperatures are mellow out there. concord and livermore, look at
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i-80 there are lots of sunshine. we see about 60 close to emeryville. a look ahead including valentine's day. i'll be back. >> katie: also next the start of spring training is just a few days away but the giants are sport ago new look. tim lincecum
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>> katie: welcome back. 8:19. quiet if not cold day in the bay area but much different than what they are going on the east coast. >> record snowfall as the system brings several inches of snow. five inches an hour. >> crazy. >> and here we complain a little bit of a chill. there is something to talk about. look from mount tam and upper elevation wind and it will be warmer than yesterday. ten hours and 36 minutes of daylight and high tide, 6.75 but it could cause localized flooding around low-lying areas. live doppler radar atop mount st. helena picking up high clouds.
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it's very quiet and as we stay pretty inactive along the west coast, it's nothing but active with this winter storm. they are calling it nemo where some of the records are impressive. 34 inches in connecticut where they had five inches an hour. new york city, picking up 27 inches with 60 mile-an-hour wind gusts along the coast. and there is still having the snow pile up in boston over two feel. area of low pressure is off the coast and continue to wind down and pull away from the coast moving up to northern new england. as it does by this afternoon and this evening, the snow will shut off but winds up to 35-40 miles an hour. that is about five states in a blizzard. certainly a different story here. 34 at concord. 37 on the coast and 35 in watsonville. we were 29 last hour in gilroy.
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32 in santa cruz and monterey. clear and cool this morning, sunny and dry this weekend. mild pattern lasts into next week. we did have that fairly weak system that continues now to rotate out of the state of california. it brought some nice nice snow to big bear. as that low pushes off. we got high pressure building in the eastern pacific. before it builds in strongly. we have a dry northerly flow, gusty winds and 15-25 miles an hour winds offshore. at the surface, a light northeast flow. points east of the bay area, dry and warm. dry pattern continues with numbers in the upper 50s for our friends in sack to. 60 in palm springs. 57 in san diego. 51 in vegas and back home. range from the mid 50s to upper 50s in clearlake. 59 in concord.
8:21 am
sharks game, 58 in san jose with temperatures around pebble beach in the mid to upper 50s. gorgeous day there. cool side and that continues tomorrow, steady pattern and get into milder weather monday and tuesday. low to mid 60s around the bay. could see 70 near monterey bay and few high clouds. we have an outlook two and a half weeks out -- san bruno. >> spring and love are in the air. >> we'll keep you posted. things could change. and in sports this afternoon and sharks will try to snap a three game losing streak at hp pavilion. also today, giants holding their 20th fan fest today. players are getting ready for spring training that starts on tuesday. here is larry beil. good morning. when the sampson had his hair
8:22 am
cut, he lost his power. tim lincecum is hoping for the pop sit. he has different the long locks. we heard the phrase, from freak to geek, he is being compared to harry potter. he looks like he may work in the i.t. department. >> it's acceptance. it's hard to accept the things you don't want to. last year was tough on all of us. i got through it. this year, like i said, take a fresh way through it and approach this year as another guy on the team. >> giants holding fan fest at at&t park. >> after a blow outs the warriors held in. look out joey, jeff curry joey crawford right in the head. on fire in this game. 32 points. scoop to the hoop and ice man.
8:23 am
bad match-up for golden state. late jumper goes for 20 points and 11 boards. memphis hands the warriors third straight loss. >> the clippers, ball goes into the crowd, lebron is asking for it. the fan is wearing a lebron jersey and lebron, says, let's have a little catch. how cool is that? having fun while torching the clippers with 30. miami crushes, 111-89. >> no lombardi trophy but jim harbaugh, he and his partner lead the pro am by 18 under par. bill murray fooling around, he is offered a cookie and takes the whole batch. he can play. drains the putt. they are tied for 98.
8:24 am
phil mickelson and he is more like this. a shot at 71, he is two under. six back. and after round one, impossible shot in the bunker behind the tree and this is why he is tree. he set up a birdie. 69 one in back of the leaders and ted potter junior was at 8 under par. >> check out the ring side announcer who takes a puck in the face. he is bloody mess. being attended to and continues reporting. one thing you can say about him, he is no fragile flower. mike shumann will be round three highlights from pebble at 5:00, 6:00, 1.and 11:00. have a great weekend. i'm larry beil. >> san francisco's new campaign to keep streets litter free. why the city is getting the giants involved in the sweep and
8:25 am
which neighborhoods will be cleaner. >> speaking of the giants it's the fan fest and op gates will be open in another hour and a half. you better get here and what you
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>> katie: it's so close they can taste it. it was a long, cold night for giant fans camped out at at&t park but there is no place they would rather be but soon they can go inside for fan fest. they get to mingle with abc reporter. how is the excitement level out there? >> reporter: good morning. too bad for these -- they want to be with the san francisco world champions. they have another hour and a half and until the gates open at 10:00. the sea of orange and black, they only have to wait until 10:00 and they can get inside for fan fest. 42,500 people are expected today. they are expected to turn people away from at&t park.
8:29 am
pictures with players and for the first time there is a special trophy pavilion, they can take pictures of the trophies. most of the fans are here for the autographs. take a listen. >> i go to most of the giant's games and i wait out at mccovey cove for home run balls. this one is from bell. >> to get it signed today? >> i am hoping. i have two home runs because i lot got his last in september. he is my number one player i'm going to be looking forward to seeing today. >> giant's fans have until 2:00 p.m. and take public transportation if you are coming.
8:30 am
earlier we were front of womenly mace gate. come down if you hope to get in. >> couldn't make that out. >> we got all the scoop. >> they are pretty excited. >> you guys have fun out there. san francisco giants swept their way into the world series title. so now the mayor hopes to use that spirit to get residents to sweep away garbage. mayor ed lee unveiled an anti-litter campaign called the giant sweep. last year city workers picked up almost 23,000 tons of stuff illegally dumped on the street so the goal now is to get all city residents to pitch in. >> it's easy to look away when somebody throws stuff away. i have been a lot of cities, san
8:31 am
francisco is one of the most beautiful places i've ever been in my life. >> katie: city will hold several cleanup events and first one is scheduled in the surgeon set district. new this morning, for a couple hundred bucks you could add your name or message to the new 49er stadium by purchasing a commemorative brick. they report the bricks will go on sale on march 1st. depending on are the size or length of your message, they will sell for 175, 325 or $375 a apiece. the campaign is expected to raise between 2.5 to $3 million. they will be installed for the opening and you will get a replica brick to keep with you. >> as the bay area struggles a plan is being pitched to erase the boundaries to consolidate
8:32 am
services. >> reporter: there are 101 cities in the nine bay area countries. it's difficult to tell unless you see the city limit signs. paul challenged civic leaders to dissolve the line if the opportunity arises. >> what you have to do is catch the moment when a politician or leader is retiring, maybe it's time to combine our city manager positions or fire departments. >> he spoke at state of the valley conference suggest going to the bay area should think of it as a city state that works cooperatively while saving money and improving services. some bay area services have recognized the benefits of consolidation. los gatos police also serve other residents. >> the bay area has 6 million people and lots of fire department. l.a. county costs less per
8:33 am
citizen and they have a fleet of nine fire helicopters. the bay area has no fire helps at all. >> the president of the chamber of commerce embraces the concept. >> we really do as a bay area region how we cooperate and how we consolidate operations from a public sector to really give our taxpayers more bang for the buck. >> however, residents urge caution over accountability and control. >> as we grow, how we can regionize services and maintain representation and direct connection to the voters. >> everybody has their own opinion. some cities are more conservative. some are more liberal. i think it makes the world a better place when you have different opinions. >> the idea creating a bay area city state is bold, but that was probably said back in the '60s
8:34 am
when they were starting to think about bart. it's going create a lot of controversy and debate. >> coming up next, a chapter of the bay area's rich rock and roll history. a battle of the bands competition and some of the musicians are pretty impressive. >> a live look with the embarcadero and bay bridge there. beautiful clear morning. 45 degrees now. heading into the 50s and 56 degrees later.
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ed world's longest rock band competition. it is the 50th battle of the bands in hayward. jonathan bloom shows us how it has endured for half a century. >> these are eighth graders from san francisco, come on! >> 12 minutes is all you get to a crowd and win the building of the bands. >> when you are talking show changes and hats. >> they are competing in the tribute band fleetwood mac. >> they know the judge will go be tough. >> you get graded? >> yes, they are very particular. pendants is duplicate of what steve stevie nicks wore on stage. >> they organized the battle for
8:38 am
30 of the 50 years. in 1964 it was the teenage battle of the bands. >> the best band that wins is going to be play at a local dance. >> in the '70s. they opened it up to all ages. in '90s they added prizes. >> they get studio time and merchandise. in the studio time. they get a record label. >> for those lucky enough to compete is hallowed ground where bands have gotten their big break. >> this was the battle of bands in the 1974. >> and dave won the battle with band yesterday and today. now y&t sell out to soldout stadiums in germany. >> you want to make it big. you have to win the battle of bands at chabot like y&t did. you mai never heard the a little
8:39 am
of miss for tune but they went on to play with metallica. >> some of third and fourth places bands seem to prosper later. >> y&t are back to show their support. >> we need things like this for musicians. >> katie: we're going to need good weather, too. >> indoors, we have the sharks down in san jose, still just 34 degrees. taking on the coyotes and then on the road for two weeks. good luck to them. we'll talk about the sunshine and milder air moving our way. how warm, that is coming up. >> katie: also ahead, "7 on your side" michael finney explains side" michael finney explains why don't always come up [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> katie: happening now, we want to take you live to a somber occasion in chicago. we are awaiting for michelle obama. the church is filled to capacity. funeral is for a 15-year-old girl. she was an innocent victim of a gang shooting in chicago and she
8:43 am
had just performed with her high school marching band at the presidential inauguration. michelle obama attending this funeral and governor pat quinn and mayor rahm emanuel. the family says it will not be about politics but it has struck a chord with the first family and obama administration. a lot of focus on gun violence and reducing gun violence. president obama has made it a priority. joe biden out to bring back proposals in the last few weex, all of this since the december 14th mass murder in newtown, connecticut. the girl was killed in hyde park neighborhood which is obama's home. it's drawing more attention to gun violence. we're awaiting for michelle obama to arrive at the chicago
8:44 am
church. we'll bring you updates as it develops this morning. if you plan to send flowers to a local florist this valentine's day. some companies that appear to be local are actually from out of the area, sometimes even out of the state. here is michael finney with a "7 on your side" investigation. >> when you have flowers delivered on valentine's day, how do you pick a florist? many go online. here a listing for palo alto. it shows a nice woman in one photograph, a nice flower shop in another. is it palo alto? did dig deeper and you'll find this. palo alto is based in los angeles. >> there is a lot of activity on the internet, a lot of activity in print media where folks are
8:45 am
trying to make the allure that local florists have. >> that is an assembly. he is sick and tired of this type of thing. >> what the law says, if you are going to use these local names that have the local address there. >> if you don't. the assembly says you -- assemblyman says you can be sued. >> working on it is dirk of fremont flowers and gifts. >> we want to make sure that nobody is deceiving the consumer that they are dealing with somebody locally when they are not. >> he believes he has lost as much as 20% of his business from out of the area companies. >> this practice has led to more florists going out of business, more brick and mortar retail florists. we're using our network of same day delivery florists. >> dirk pointed me to this listing in fremont.
8:46 am
here is fremont florists and gifts. it has a local phone number. no address. click on this and get a location and check it out for myself. it's an apartment complex. no florists here. we check another listing, fremont floorists, again, no address but there is a map. the location doesn't look promising. restricted area, keep out. this is kind of sign you don't normally find at florists. we called both and got the same announcement. we were never able to confirm these listings belonged to the florida based company. back on the internet we find oakland's one stop flower shop. san francisco's one stop flower shop and san jose's one stop flower shop. three sites with different telephone numbers all linking back to this address in
8:47 am
vancouver, washington. >> i made multiple contacts and none responded to my request for information. lawsuit went into affect on january 1. >> new this morning, san francisco mayor plans to kick off the city's chinese new year's celebration with a ceremony at 1:00 at hilton hotel on kearny street. the year of the snake will be welcomed at 4:00 in the afternoon with a lion dance and martial arts demonstration by the wu-shu team. in beijing, the year of the snake was welcomed with a ceremony and lion dance. more asian countries will mark the beginnings of the new cycle tonight when the dragon makes room for the snake. i was born in the year. dragon, i'm moving on to the next big thing.
8:48 am
>> weather pattern is not moving out. same old, same old but the rain moved out on thursday. here is a look from the east bay camera, vollmer peak, about 1900 feet in contra costa county. sun setting at 5:43, we are looking at still a very quiet pattern around the bay area. this morning you may notice the cold temperatures in east bay and south bay. 8-9 degrees colder than it was yesterday. we are clear of any precipitation from our sweep from mount st. helena and national weather service radar looking just fine. we want to get you updated on the form. it's called nemo in the northeast. it continues to rage in new england where connecticut has picked up 38 inches.
8:49 am
boston over 21 inches and in maine, with 29.3 inches. we're looking at wind chills below five degrees in some spots. blowing and drifting continues. blizzard warnings for five states. the area of low pressure continues to slide to the east of boston and to the north and east of new england. within the next couple of hours we'll continue to see the snow wind down, but the winds will not. they had 83 mile-an-hour wind gusts around nantucket last night. good morning, san jose, 34 for you and 33 in livermore. 45 in strategy. numbers still just below freezing in gilroy and 35 in salinas. clear and cool this morning. high tide at 10:20, 6.75 feet. maybe localized flooding and milder weather to come throughout the middle of the
8:50 am
week. we have a little snow in southern california. still cold in the northern sierra and 10 at lake tahoe. a fair weather maker and we continue to see the northeasterly winds. that will bring the dry atmosphere. it will build in. that will bring slight warming beginning monday. today, still cool in the mountains, 33. 42 in yosemite with 58 in los angeles and back home for fan fest, 56. 58 for san jose. to 60 in oakland. 56 in san mateo. 61 up in cloverdale. we are looking at 58 in salinas today. you know we are looking at pretty neat run. it's called cupid's undie run. they are trying to raise money. it's kicking off on scott street. you are looking for something to do, mid-week, more rain.
8:51 am
>> katie: if you need inspiration for your weight loss or fitness goals, ali vincent is first woman to win the biggest losers after dropping 112 pounds. she is training for her first full ironman competition. >> we can do anything we can do. if you have a plan and you train and you stay committed. it's just literally one step at a time. >> you can see if she makes it with live big with ali vincent. it airs tonight on live well network at 5:30. that is digital channel 7.2 and channels, 195 and 117 on comcast. coming up next, a concerted. first duet performed on earth and in spac
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> katie: a new song has been released and unlike any other that has been produced. ♪ ♪ ♪ look out my window ♪ there goes home >> katie: the song is called, is somebody singing and the singers ed robinson on the ground and canadian astronaut orbiting in
8:55 am
the international space station. it's the duet performed simultaneously in space and here on earth. new this morning, one of the sweetest days of the year for lovers of girl scout cookies. more than three million boxes are distributed. it will be our first look at a new box design. cookies will go on sale starting tomorrow through march 17th. more than 30,000 girls will be selling the treats. it raises money for educational programs and last year, they sold a record 4.3 million boxes. each one better than the last. >> put them in the freezer, too. >> and one of cooler spots is san francisco and at the coast, 55 and light northeast winds today. very little change from day to
8:56 am
day over the weekend. 55 in monterey and pebble beach pro am, third round and 57 in hollister. notice we get to warm up on monday and mid-60s and valentine's day, very dry. >> katie: thank all of you for joining us on the saturday morning news. we are will continue at 5:00 tonight. ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain and 110 delicious calories. ...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter.
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>> jack hanna's "wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, everybody, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown."
8:59 am
what does it take to save a species from extinction? >> oh, is that yummy? >> patience. >> oh, be careful. be careful! >> education. sue, look at this! and lot and lots of babies. today, 6 endangered species surviving against all odds, one baby at a time. >> and later, my blooper of the week. because there's nothing more precious than a baby. >> all that and more today on "wild countdown." [laughing] came that close to knocking you over. we tried to leave our tents, not even to go get dinner. we couldn't get to dinner. the lions were everywhere! golly day! [dogs barking] help! a dolphin, right there! holy mackerel! [roaring] just like my life is devoted to the animal world, nationwide

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